1 January 1970 (Thu), 8pm
At Black Box

“The psychological sophistication of the play puts it in a league of its own.
Its story explores the vast expanse of human nature: our fallibility; the dilemmas of duty and the burden of choice; the decay of trust and the destructive impulse. Our main interest is in motivation and the psyche. This production aims to portray Hamlet at
its rawest: a demonstration of human capriciousness and its relationships. Last year, we began an investigation of the complexity of its characters. We now offer you to join us. Come. Settle down. And when you do, we will immerse you into the mind of Lord
Hamlet, prince and heir to the throne of the decaying Denmark. He will manipulate you as he spirals into his madness and eventual bloodlust. We will bring you intimately close to these living, breathing characters – Hamlet’s friends, family, loved ones, some
with bad intentions, some with the purest of them all – and by their end, they will leave you incredulous as to how it all went so wrong. Hamlet has been referred to as ‘poem unlimited’, enduring through history and geography. Even with its grandiosity, its
power is its capacity to resonate with the personal experiences of its audience. Experience it with us. Let it speak to you, and it shall hold up a mirror to reveal the innermost part of you – that you might see what a piece of work humanity is.”


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark - Ziyad Bin Ahmad Bagharib
Horatio, his friend and confidant - Saisrikar Pogaru
Claudius, King of Denmark - Scott Currie
Gertrude, Queen of Denmark - Kavya Gopal
Polonius, a member of the Danish court - Glen Kilian Koh
Laertes, his son - Florian Stuendel
Ophelia, his daughter - Isabel Perucho
Rosencratz, old schoolfellow of Hamlet - Vivek Ganesh
Guildenstern, old schoolfellow of Hamlet - Cora Ceipek
Osric, a courtier - David Chia
Reynaldo, a servant - Aaron Pang
Gravedigger - Jake Goh Si Yuan
Priest/ Player King - Dynn Othman
Player Queen - Jirasiri Techalapanarasme (Numhom)


Directors - Ritika Biswas & Roshan SinghStage Manager - Lesha MansukhaniAssistant Stage Manager - Pragya SethiProduction Manager - Evannia HandoyoPublicity - Wyin Kok & Sonia KaurSet Design - Cliona Yong, Benjamin Jamieson, Julianne Thomson & Pham Le ViProps - Tingfang Annie, Vivyan Yeo, Koh Zhi Hao, Gem Tan & Carol WangSound Design - Jevon ChandraMake-up - Marc Koo, Isabel Wong & Szu JinChoreography - Adam LauFilming (Trailer) - Dynn OthmanFencing Coach - Willie KhooCostumes - Sim Yi Shien