Care of Our Spaces

Usage of Resources

  • All resources must be returned to their original spots if they are moved around. For reference, each space details the resources that belong to the room.
  • If any of the resources are damaged, please inform us immediately.


  • In case of any emergency and lost & found, please call 24-hour security at 6601 3696.

Food & Drink

  • Kindly limit food and drink in our spaces, and clean up after yourselves. Bins are conveniently provided in all spaces.


  • Curricular and co-curricular uses take priority in the booking of our spaces – extra-curricular activities must find alternative locations should requests for these uses occur.
  • Be mindful to other users of the space, and ensure that the spaces are left in a clean and conducive manner for the next user.
  • Ensure to keep noise level low.
  • Items that are left in the spaces may either be returned to security under lost & found, or disposed.

Examples of neglect of our spaces and resources

Here are 3 examples of how our spaces and resources often get neglected.

A cardigan stuck in an upright piano in Practice Room 3.

A classroom table left uncleared at the foyer over the weekend after an event.

A chair that was borrowed by a student, was returned broken.


We hope to continuously work as a college community to ensure that everyone gets equal access to these facilities.