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In November 2014, two budding photographers were in a lift back in RC4, marvelling at the number of posters (and events) that are plastered on the walls. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to document all these happenings?” One of them thought out loud. “Yeah, that’s what usually a Photography Club does… Do we have one in Yale-NUS?” The other responded. Realising that the answer is a resounding “NO!”, they looked at each other, and the questions as popped: “Why not we create one?”

Since then, the Yale-NUS Photography Club was formed to promote Photography as an art form to convey social messages. During the course of each semester, teh Club engages various professional photographers to lead workshops for its members to sharpen their skills and refine their personal styles. To hone their skills, Club photographers also regularly capture moments at College-wide events and conduct photo shoots for student organisations. In October 2015, the Club also invited several key figures in the industry and hosted “Take Photo 4 What?”, a panel discussion that investigates the motivations behind photo-taking. Moving forward, the Club is excited to create more platforms in Yale-NUS to increase exposure to thoughtful and meaningful Photography.