Society of Yale-NUS Community Dancers (sYNCd)

The Society of Yale-NUS Community Dancers (sYNCd) is an umbrella organization founded by the first batch of Yale-NUS students that unites 7 dance genres – Argentine Tango, Bhangra, Contemporary, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, K-POP.  With over 100 members, sYNCd is currently the largest student organization in Yale-NUS College and is a vibrant, ever-growing dance community on campus. sYNCd’s diverse dance groups often perform in various events around school such as Family Weekend, Experience Yale-NUS Weekend, Open House, End of Sem dinners, in addition to our annual sYNCd showcase. sYNCd also holds an annual dance camp that allows everyone in the Yale-NUS community to explore various styles of dance, creating an inclusive and close-knit family that all are welcome to be part of!

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Yale-NUS Ballroom Society

Yale-NUS Ballroom Society comprises the Standard and Latin branches, dedicated to providing a holistic dance education and experience for its members. We espouse Ballroom as an art, where members express themselves through performances. We also believe Ballroom is a sport, where members hone their mastery of technique through trainings and competitions. Tapping on the social nature of Ballroom, we aim to create a community that brings Yale-NUS students together by organising open classes and soirées for those interested in exploring the dance. Additionally, recognising the space that Ballroom can take in the wider Singaporean community, we share our love and passion for the dance as part of outreach efforts. Aligned with our strong belief in accessibility, Yale-NUS Ballroom Society welcomes all who are interested to participate regardless of their background or identity.